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Book of Panacea

New release: Book of Panacea

A young Goddess named Panacea undertakes an adventure of a lifetime. Unbeknown to her there is a prophecy hanging over her head. Thanks to this prophecy, her grandfather, Apollo, left Earth to the suns’ mercy causing a supernova to destroy all.

Let’s say the Gods were not happy.

Panacea had to stay invisible to the Gods as her father had to be before her. When her powers show themselves, her parents are forced to send her to ‘the’ training island. She was supposed to be all alone. Hades decides he wants an island of his own and finds out about the training island. Arriving there he discovers Panacea.
Together with her trusted talking pigeon, her Dryad godmother, two elves, and other Gods and Goddesses she fights to stay invisible AND take on the biggest task of all: caring for all animals and creatures.

Is she ready for it?

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